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NEW Cataclysm Video!!!
Jun 14, 10 10:52 PM
We are Recruiting!
Death Knights

You probably just got through reading a note in trade chat, about joining yet ANOTHER guild! We offer the opportunity to get the benefits - armor, weapons, pets, mounts etc that are available with Cataclysm, provided you have patience and want to learn instances and eventually raids.Remember the game is supposed to be fun.

We understand the positives & negatives in a guild. We all have experienced the drama, the in fighting and the pressure to do something you would rather not be doing and the benefits of comradeship and the ability to find the humor in a wipe or success .One thing you can count on, we will talk to you rofl.

All Warred Out is a group of people who enjoy playing the game. We have fun and don't freak out when we wipe. If your not dieing your not pushing the envelope. We are looking for people who want to be themselves.

Yes we have guild events , instances, rep days etc. - you can join in or not ,we want you to join in, but it is entirely up to you. We want you to have fun.

Yes there is help available - you can request it or not - again it is up to you.

You may have got to where you are either on your own or with a partner and you probably see no good reason to change that now - except -for the rewards that being in a guild can provide. So you or you and your partner are welcome, you will not be forced to run instances etc. or any other thing you don't want to do.

We do not tolerate drama in any form. We do not tolerate pressure in any form. This is a game - it is supposed to be fun and according to Blizz - there are multiple ways to play it and get ahead. Who are we to say differently!

So - whether you like to quest, run instances, be an achievement junkie or concentrate on rep and professions, there is a place for you here.

We do not raid yet and probably won't for some time However we all enjoy a good instance and we don't cookie cutter the run. Instances are a learning experience, they change with the group mix.

We don't use vent, Blizzard has provided a fully functional in game chat, it works , we use it all the time.
We do pay for repairs from the guild bank ,we only ask that ever so often you either throw in a little gold , something the guild can sell at AH , or maybe a crafted item that some one can use.
We don't care what your gear is like - -if it works for you it works for us too.If you want to improve your gear we will do what we can to help there to. Remember a guild improves only when it's members do , contrary to popular opinion a guild is for the members not vise versa
Want to bring along a friend? That's fine too.

Blizz seems to have made it possible for Guild Rep to be gained in many ways but of course, it is only useful if you belong to a guild.

Why do we insist on you filling out an application if we are so laid back, (2 things)? 1. Because we have our game to play too. Filling out the app allows us to look at it and send you an in-game invite without both of us spending valuable playing time in a question and answer scenario and 2. It gives you the chance to look at us as well to see if you want to be a part of the process . Please understand we want progress , but not at the expense of our members enjoyment of the game.
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